Verona, aka paradise



I started my traveling about two months ago, two months that should have been documented on here... But since I was lazy, I will catch you up on my lovely experiences now!

My first stop after arriving in Milano was Verona. I can easily (well, it took some thought... The world is pretty amazing) say that Verona is my absolute favorite place in the world. My friend Carolyn and I gave ourselves three full days to explore the town, and booked two nights at a super cute and oddly romantic hostel named Casa di Luca, translation: Luca's house, and literally there was a man named Luca, and it was his house. 

Carolyn and I went sightseeing the entire first day and managed to see every important monument in Verona in less than twelve hours! I think the small-town charm is one of the things I loved the most about Verona. We –having been raised under Amanda Seyfried movies and Shakespeare in English class– we're most excited to see the house of Juliet. Not surprisingly, Juliet's house and balcony are actually a complete tourist attraction: a mix of Valentines day, a Sweet Sixteen and a bad wedding all in one... And I love weddings. 

After being very productive in accomplishing our tourist activities, we spent the next two days eating in beautiful little cafés and reading our books on the riverbank. The picture above is from our last night, when we sat for hours looking at this gorgeous Italian sunset and eating gelato. I have never been more at peace.